“To live will be an awfully big adventure” – Peter Pan

For all the young souls fighting time, this is your ultimate column for fashion and adventures. 

Wolfpack Welcome and Summer Goodbyes

What’s up bitches! This is my first post, as I am a new writer to Pack Fashion. As I write this I am not sure where to really begin; but I think introducing myself sounds like a good start. I’m Negaar Misaghian, I am a Junior in Fashion and Textile Design. I have loved all things fashion for as long as I can remember, and if you know me, you know that I love adventures. For my fellow Wolfpackers, coming back to school is an adventure in itself and brings a whole wave of emotions.

“How was your summer?” is the the question we all get 100 times; but in the midst of back to school partying  we are forced to answer in just three simple words “It was good” or if you’re feeling extra excited “It was fantastic” and then conversations are immediately followed with “Let’s take shots!”  and lets be honest who is going to turn that down? This year as I am downing drinks with friends I am taken back to my summer adventure on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. Austins’ infamous Sixth street, was wild! Relatively cheap drinks with high alcohol content and great music in all the bars; naturally, my party animal side came out quickly. My heart was stolen by this amazing city when I tasted the beloved street food on the way home from Sixth Street, and with The University of Texas at Austin as the heart of the city, you can imagine how many young people fill it. “Keep Austin Weird” is the town motto, and this holds true as it is filled with character and character’s inhabiting this foreign land. Home to amazing food, many local artisans, and a great night life, the city’s focus is to support local businesses and keep its rich culture. I saw only one Starbuck the entire time I was there and  I have to say I am not sorry about it, I had some fabulous dark-roast coffee and fresh breakfast burrito’s at Jo’s Hot Coffee Good Food. Unfortunately Austin’s growing popularity is threatening the originality of the city and  big businesses are trying to force their way in taking away from the heritage of the city, hence the motto “Keep Austin Weird.” One of Austins coolest landmarks is The HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Similar to our very own Free Expression Tunnel, the large graffiti wall is always changing and everyone from local artists to kids with spray paint contribute. Walking up to the the wall feels as if you have just been dropped in the mind of an artist who’s going through the best trip of his/her life. Beautiful chaos sprayed all over a wall with reflections of what is going on in the world. “Art for Arts sake” is evident everywhere in Austin, just taking a trip down South Congress Street will tell you this, if you didn’t already get the hint. On South Congress street you will see white tents with artists selling beautiful hand crafted jewelry, art, and other fun goods. The surrounding area has various shops and places to eat. If you love vintage shopping, then this is the place to be.

 Of the many vintage stores, I found one to be my favorite, Feathers Boutique! As soon as you walk in you will be overwhelmed with the fantastic selection. From vintage Emillio Pucci to Nieman Marcus! It was like taking a time portal back to five years old, playing dress up in my mothers closet, except with better taste and luxurious fabrics. After much deliberation and some exploring, I narrowed down my choices to a gorgeous silk embroidered vest looking as if it had been transported from the sands of morocco and a printed blouse with a quilted peplum that seemed to evolve from a traditional kimono and a pair of english riding boots. If you want to have your own dress up fun  the store has an online site and and an instagram. Follow them at @feathersboutiquevintage to get your own vintage finds!


Along with great shopping, Austin has some of the best food I have ever ever had: The Whole Foods flagship is based here if that tells you anything. It is also the original home to Torchy’s Tacos, where I had the pleasure of tasting the exotic cuisine at the almost ruin-like brick building. Interestingly enough it started out as a food truck and news of the amazing spices and flavors spread like wild fire through the hioster cultivated city. Torchy’s Tacos now has several locations all over the country. With a taco like The Brushfire I can see why,  the Jamaican jerk chicken, mangoes, and jalapenos were exploding my taste buds with every taste; and their addictive queso with guacamole and green chilis…NOM, is all I can say to describe that. Torchy’s, Feathers Boutique, The Hope Outdoor Gallery, and Sixth Street are just a fraction of my adventure in Austin.  The city overall is so warm, kind, and exciting; the people of Austin are the perfect example of what life is all about. Loving your life and doing things with passion can radiate joy onto a whole city, not to mention, make for an anything but boring life. I ask my readers to travel as much as possible. There is so much to learn from travel about yourself, about life, and for simple inspiration even if its just a town over. There is always something to learn.

Back to reality after my daydreams of my summer adventure and a few too many drinks. The nightlife in Raleigh can resume once again. Wednesday nights at the Alley and McDaids have proven to be the place to be this year. A long line outside waits to be let in at McDaids, and there you will find the dress code to consist of crop tops, kimonos, fun printed shorts or pants, and wedges. Here, I found Monica Mclenigan (left) and Caitlin Mothes (right) dressed to the 9’s and dancing the night away to welcome a new year and new possibilities.  Fun times are to be had with friends dancing, meeting lyft/uber drivers, stealing wine bottles from the bar (oops, maybe not this one), heart to hearts with newfound friends, and an occasional table dance can be acceptable (no tips required). Going out can be exciting but that’s not all what Wolfpackers are excited to come back to. Tailgates are the fan favorite for sure. In a sea of red you will find friends ready to back the pack, throwing up the Wolfpack symbol with a side of Bojangles, the game day staple.

Win or Lose our fellow Wolfpackers come out to support. With tribal prints, peplums, cowgirl boots, fringe, rompers, and of course juicy red lips; NC State students know how to show up and show out at tailgates. Great fashion, country music and good food is just the beginning, if these fans die in Raleigh they will die free and fashionable. My back to school adventures have proven to be in my favor so far, and have gotten me excited for what is to come. Something that this year has already taught me, is that time flies! I can’t believe it’s already my Junior year, but you know what they say, “Time Flies when you’re having fun.” So I challenge all you readers to try new things and just take life as it comes. Life is a whole lot better when you make it one big adventure, and obviously being well dressed doesn’t hurt.

                                                                                                                                                                     Until my next time,

                                                                   Negaar Misaghian

Yohiji Yamamoto’s Ferocious Creation for Real Madrid

By: Jennifer Roth

Yohiji Yamamato has successfully broken the boundary between fashion and the soccer field through collaboration with Adidas in designing the uniforms for Real Madrid’s 2014-2015 season. The sleek and stylish soccer jerseys were unveiled in Spain earlier this week and have caused quite a stir in the fashion world. The jersey is an intimidating black color with a white collar and trimming, with the main focus on a mythical mixture of both a dragon and a bird swooping to the center of the shirt in gray. Straight from the mind of Yamamato himself, the dragon is said to represent the greatness, glory and power of the club while the bird symbolizes the club’s determination and agility.

Yamamato added function and innovation to his creations by designing them with a breathable cotton with adizeroTM technology. The fierceness doesn’t stop at the waist but continues to the matching pair of adizero F50 cleats that go along with the jerseys. The cleats are even more intimidating than the dark jerseys because of the statement colors that come together to create a ravenous beast. The multiple shades of green, including emerald, forest and teal united with the blood red of the dragon’s teeth establish a feel of dominance and monstrosity. Yohiji Yamamato’s ferocious vision for the Real Madrid jerseys will surely help the team fight for a successful 2014-2015 soccer season. 

American Revitalization: Textile Edition

By: Matthew Iezzi

Strolling through the Garment District in NYC over fall break, I caught out of the corner of my eye what seemed to be a mini textile mill. I thought to myself that it must be for show, there must be no way a company is spinning thread in the retail zoo of 5th Avenue.  The German Textile Company “Stoll” owns the space, after making the decision in 2009 to dive right into the American knitwear market. The New York showroom is occupied with specialists developing patterns and fabrics used by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Connected to the mini mill is a retail floor, where the company sells its innovative “knitted denim” products.  Using a variety of Italian yarns, the company makes in-store garments that range from skirts and jeans to cardigans and caps. Collaborating with designers as big as Calvin Klein and as small as local fashion students, Stoll reaches the market at a great variety of price ranges. The company spins its products on its flagship “ADF” machine, a revolutionary flat knitting machine featuring a direct yarn feed and motorized feeder system. The machine is able to produce distressed denim without the process of beating and washing jeans, a practice that is common in cheap labor factories.  Using a highly mechanized machine with minimal water use, the company is able to ethically and efficiently knit clothes right in Manhattan.

The American textile industry at times may seem translucent, but companies like Stoll are proving that we have the capability of being a textile powerhouse once again. Stoll is not in America to just knit clothes that hop off the racks, they are here to change the way we look at the fashion manufacturing industry.

90’s Comeback: InTthe Runway and The Streets

by Eleanor Yeh

If you’ve been paying any attention to the past few seasons and recent trends, you’ll know that 90’s fashion is back and better than ever. Of course, to count all the fads, trends, and patterns that have reappeared as of late would be like counting stars. To count the most recent trends seen on runway and in the street is a little more manageable. Keep in mind, to recount all the 90’s trends that have come back in the twenty-first century…it’s a running list.

I would be incorrect to say that the overalls made a comeback – because it never left. I would be more correct to say Will Smith’s style of wearing the overalls in his 90’s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has made a comeback. It’s no longer the proper two straps, all buckled up overalls. It’s the laidback, leave one strap down, go out and play overalls. Though this style has yet to be seen on the runway, it’s definitely coming back on the streets and at the boho style hubs – music festivals. Personally, I’m glad it’s come back, just to remind us all to lay back a little and have some fun.

Double denim is an easy mass-market trend that came back full force – from the streets to the runway. On the streets, people are pulling it off elegantly, even throwing in a rocker edge with studs and necklace layering. On the runway, the innovative designers are tweaking the style in a new way, bringing in military and western-wear influences.

We all know high-waisted pants are back; from the streets to the runway. But the 90’s mom jean silhouette too? Even better, some street style take direct advice from Ashley on Fresh Prince of Bel-Airwith a patterned cardigan, high waisted jeans, and black belt. Throw in a crop top and mirrored sunglasses for an outfit completely from the nineties.

In the nineties, there were voluminous hair and big coats. Then there were the mens-inspired blazers that had enough shoulder pads to insulate a mid-size families house and just too large for the feminine figure. Bad news: it’s back. Good news: it’s more fabulous now. Exhibit A: the big blazer is worn on the street – more fitting to the feminine shoulders for one – and paired with chic dress separates. Exhibit B: the big blazer is strutted down the runway with at least a feminine silhouette but otherwise taken-from-the-men style.

The most popular sitcom of the 90’s, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air not only entertained American viewers, but also set the fashion trend for the newly emerging style category at the time: street wear. The main trendsetter, Will Smith’s character in the TV show dresses in signature colorful sporty looks. Of course, the classic stripes were blown up into bold, bright stripes across the form in the TV Show. Now, this trend is coming back in the runway. Since we’re not in a colorful TV Show, the colors and stripes a little more muted but just as bold.


The aforementioned colorful outfits in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had no shortage of prints and designs. One of the recurring styles was the varsity jacket decorated colorfully. Now, as you can see, the varsity jacket is coming back and with a new, sophisticated pattern. Though the modern look may not be as playful as in the 90’s TV show, there is still a mischievous edge to the modern design.

For guys, the bows never left. For ladies, the shirt front bows are back and bigger than ever! In the nineties it was in the evening dresses, showcased in the TV Show Beverly Hills 90210, and even in children’s wear, worn by Ashley Banks in the popular sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now, we see the big chest bow exemplified in Oscar de la Renta’s Resort collection – on a crop top too! So nineties.


If you haven’t seen the cinematic classic Clueless, you’re doing something wrong. To dispel any biases, Clueless runs deeper than just the trendiest looks of the decade. And by trendiest, I mean true classics. Two decades later, the short suits are making a comeback. The runway take on the short suit was seen with a decoupage denim effect in Tommy Hilfiger’s collection or a male-inspired structured look for Zoe Jordan’s collection. On the streets right now, however, the short suits stick closer to the original costume design from Clueless. So next time you’re looking for a chic business casual outfit, look no further than the timeless short suit.

Selling Your Soul to Retail Hell

By: Elizabeth Galanti 

For those interested in working in the fashion industry in the future or even those who simply love indulging in retail therapy, working in retail seems like a no-brainer. Correction: Working in retail seems like a no-brainer until you read the hysterical yet slightly sickening Retail Hell written by Freeman Hall. Hall writes incredibly comically about the woes of slaving away in a retail store.

Although he dreamed of becoming a screen-writer, Hall became sucked into the retail world as a way to pay the bills, and of course, receive those coveted employee discounts. His opinionated commentary on his coworkers, superiors, customer encounters, and the general insanity that went on at the various retail locations he worked at may bring you close to tears. Specifically, he focuses on his time at the “Big Fancy”, where he was the only male in the department who sold handbags, not purses, which Hall dubs the “p-word”. It was imperative that Hall made this distinction while working. This and the many other absurdities Hall faced on a daily basis are enough to persuade any human being to vow never to work in retail. Yet, as an author, Freeman is so amusing that he almost makes you want to slave away in retail just to somehow share his experiences and appreciate them on a deeper level.

Using unbelievably extreme anecdotes from his days in Retail Hell, Hall takes readers through every type of customer (and thief) he has encountered. While yes, some of the stories are downright hysterical, others may make you genuinely lose faith in humanity for a moment. If nothing else, this book will hopefully make you all the more decent when shopping. Looking at this book, it’s safe to say the bar has been set pretty low. 

Whether you’ve had your fair share of traumatic experiences while working retail, or you just love a good laugh, Hall’s Retail Hell will bewilder you in the most fantastic way. Yes, I may now never apply for a job in retail, but maybe the read was worth it. Furthermore, from what Hall shared, it seems like maybe I’m dodging a bullet. Thank you, Freeman Hall.


By Eleanor Yeh

As Milan drew to a close, the spectators left with a lingering vision of structured silhouettes, easy forms, and monochromatic with light dashes of bold colors in their minds. Versace is no exception.

When asked about the collection, Donatello Versace told Vogue, “I didn’t look at the archive.” And this was highly evident with the first few jacketed pieces. This year, she definitely one-upped her past collection with a new concept.

Squaring off the shoulders, Versace polished the pristine blazer outfit with intricate details – laser cut leather, asymmetrical skirt, and high neckline to name just a few. Like other designers on the runway this season, Versace adopted a monochromatic color scheme for her beginning looks.

Not to stray far from the brand’s roots, Versace had the Greek logo drawn by hand and printed on a silk shirt, playing it up with contemporary patterns and mixes. In the few outfits with this silk design, Versace pulled together the color palette of her entire collection; creating a cohesiveness to her design. And of course, let’s not forget the mesh trend of late, conceived perfectly by Versace.

It was in the latter half of Versace’s runway looks where the appreciation for the design house’s expert staff came. From the asymmetrical hems to the sheer panels that ran diagonally and zig zag across the figure, there was no lack of detailed artistry. The ribbon-like dress forms could only be exemplified with the boldest color in Versace’s palette – flaming red. One thing to note here is Versace’s new concept for the recent trend of dress separates.

For the second time this season, Versace took the brand’s logo in a new direction on her dress forms. Creating those zig-zag but carefully precise panels could be no easy task. Yet again; here’s another ingenious concept for the dress separate. The shimmer is just an added bonus.

Street Sophistication

There’s always some serious street-style action happening in downtown Raleigh, and PackFashion is there to capture it all. 



Gabby and Dipali stay in touch with the color trends this season, wearing saturated jewel tones of emerald and deep burgundy. 

On Gabby (left): tank: Bevello, skirt: Bevello, nude pumps: Bevello, cuff: The Art of Style

On Dipali (right): crop top and skirt: Bevello, booties: Bevello, collar: The Art of Style



Business casual doesn’t have to be frumpy.

On Gabby: dress: Bevello, necklace: Bevello, shoes: vintage

On Dipali: skirt: Bevello, shirt: Bevello, shoes: Bevello


Leather gives any outfit a touch of sophistication, and is a great way to help summer outfits transition into fall.

On Dipali: shirt: Bevello, shorts: Bevello, shoes: Bevello, cuff: The Art of Style

On Gabby: shirt: Bevello, skirt: Bevello, jacket: Bevello, shoes: vintage, cuff: The Art of Style



Cool colors and slim silhouettes make for the chicest semi-formal wear

On Dipali: dress: The Art of Style, shoes: Bevello, necklace: The Art of Style

On Gabby: dress: The Art of Style, shoes: Bevello


Shirt and sweater dresses are sure to be a staple for the fall, especially those designed by NC State College of Textile’s own student designer, Jacob Shindler.

On Gabby: dress: designed & constructed by Jacob Shindler, shoes: vintage, cuff: The Art of Style

On Dipali: dress: Bevello, shoes: Bevello, hat: The Art of Style, earrings: The Art of Style


Styled by: Kendra Jones & Jenna Calderone, assisted by Jenny Roth, Jacob Shindler, and Olivia Weikmann

Models: Gabby Roseboro and Dipali Aphale

Photographer: Tyler Hayes

Retailers: The Art of Style and Bevello

Polo Ralph Lauren: Women Spring 2015 Runway

By: Julianne Dubel

            Ralph Lauren is a living legend. He started the world’s only lifestyle brand, making his name one of the most well known around the world. Lauren began his career as a trendsetter, introducing wide neckties when the world was used to skinny ties, and continues to be a trendsetter. Ralph Lauren never ceases to amaze and he’s done it again with his Polo Ralph Lauren for Women Spring 2015 runway, an exciting and jaw-dropping spectacle like none before it.

            Ralph Lauren introduced the 4-D runway to launch his Polo Ralph Lauren for Women’s line. 4-D Holographic models 5 stories high strutted across a pond in the middle of Central Park with an ever-changing New York landscape behind them.  The show began with a full moon rising over the water as the first model strutted her stuff in a black varsity jacket and white dress. Two more models walked in front of the moon in black and white outfits with black leggings and matching berets. Berets seem to be the hat of the Spring 2015 season as countless models on Polo Ralph Lauren for Women’s Spring 2015 runway were sporting them.

            West Village began to appear as street lights rose out of the water and buildings stacked onto the cobblestone street in front of the full moon. The black and white trend continued in West Village with some of the looks resembling the mod trend from Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2014 runway.

            Next the runway transformed into the streets of Soho as the first model, clad in a blue and white dot dress with vibrant red accessories, walked in front of the windows of a Polo Ralph Lauren Women’s store. The next model stood looking at the store as it sunk into the ground and the landscape changed to the Brooklyn riverfront.  She walked towards the river as two models came out from behind opposite buildings dressed in pale blue and white ensembles. The camera moved towards the river and water spouted from the middle of the river before a lighthouse shot out of the water. Models in nautical inspired outfits walked around the lighthouse until the camera paned out and the Brooklyn Bridge appeared. Models walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, through a chic market, and ended in Central Park, the site of the 4-D runway.

            Looks for the line ran the gamut from mod black and white to classic Americana to western-wear, similar to Ralph Lauren’s upscale RRL line. My favorite looks from the show were the finale looks. Models wore slim fitting brightly colored polos with matching silky floor length drawstring waist skirts. The show ended with a holograph of Ralph Lauren himself doing a little jig for the audience, which was met with laughter and applause.

            The 10-minute 4-D fashion show can be viewed on the Ralph Lauren Website. But the question remains, will this be the new look of fashion shows, or will others be too scared to imitate? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, no one does it like Ralph Lauren. He remains as a crucial perspective in the fashion industry, an innovator through and through. 

BOSS by Jason Wu

By Eleanor Yeh

When Jason Wu took over two seasons ago, we didn’t know what to expect. Something new? The same old? We weren’t sure. With the Spring 2015 RTW collection, Jason Wu has told us it’s going to be a little bit of both. Let’s take a look.


He starts us out by presenting structured looks with the perfect tailoring we have always expected from Boss. We see the work dress silhouette with geometric inserts and you can’t have a Boss collection without a dress shirt. Jason Wu has thrown in a little flair of his own with the shimmering evening skirt and collar detail which adds a touch of femininity to the classic piece.

His spring color scheme is full of light, airy pastel colors but mostly neutral blends. Here we see a monochromatic palette with the business dress and the sharp pantsuit. And we all know what really solidifies a good collection is a tailored and modern pantsuit.

Wu is highly skilled at subtly mixing medias. He takes the structured looks another level higher with even boxier silhouettes and different fabrics. Second, he pulled together fall and summer with inserts of the wintry herringbone pattern to the structured dress form. Next spring, these looks will be worn all around the world for a day at work or a fabulous business meeting. Third, don’t even get me started on the accessories. Pairing subtle greek sandals with a modern silhouette? Genius. And of course, Wu could have nothing less than the crisp, structured clutch.

As if his beginning runway looks weren’t already incredible, Jason Wu showed his hand in the evening pieces. “It’s Tron-esque,” Wu told Vogue, “but made so beautifully inside and out.” Of course, the reflective beads and embroidered could not be described any other way. With these flowing skirts on defined silhouettes, you have to hand it to Wu – he definitely took BOSS in a new, effortless direction.

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