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Know Your Players, Part 1: The O.G.s of Design

by Jenna Calderone

Every fashionista should be familiar with the people that helped shape the fashion world as we know it. Think of this as your one-stop statistics cheat sheet; store these facts in your brain and recognize the influences in fashion, design, editing, and style.   


Name: Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, aka Coco Chanel

(KO-ko SHA-nell)

Claim to fame: Founder of the Chanel brand, liberator the entire female population

Career high points:

  • Became a licensed milliner in 1910, opened a hat boutique in Paris
  • Always had a bitter rivalry with fellow designer, Elsa Schiaparelli
  • First to use jersey fabric
  • Legacy includes the Chanel suit, the Little Black Dress, the Chanel handbag, and incorporating fine gems into costume jewelry


Name: Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy, aka Hubert de Givenchy

(yew-BEHR de zhee-vawn-SHEE)

Claim to Fame: Founder of House of Givenchy, personal and professional designer for ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jacqueline Kennedy

Career high points:

  • Worked alongside then-unknowns like Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain
  • Interned for Elsa Schiaparelli
  • Met Audrey Hepburn on the set of Sabrina and  thereafter designed almost all of her movie wardrobes
  • Created some of the most beautiful silhouettes in the history of the universe (personal opinion, oops)



Name: Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, aka Yves Saint Laurent

(EEVES sain le-RAWN)

Claim to Fame: Founder of Yves Saint Laurent, sometimes known as YSL and currently named Saint Laurent, inventor of women’s pantsuit

Career high points:

  • Born in Algeria, moved to Paris to study fashion under Christian Dior
  • Became head of the House of Christian Dior at age 21 following Dior’s death
  • At Dior, he revised the New Look with the trapeze dress
  • At YSL, he popularized the Beatnik look as well as a women’s trouser suit called “Le Smokingimage

Name: Christian Dior

(KRIS-chan dee-OR)

Claim to fame: Founder of arguably the world’s top fashion house, Christian Dior

Career High Points:

  • Trained under Robert Piguet and Lucien Lelong alongside Pierre Balmain
  • Released the “New Look” in 1947; utilized curvaceous forms and voluminous fabric, contrary to boxy shapes during the War
  • Single-handedly established Paris as the post-WWII fashion capital of the world


Name: Cristóbal Balenciaga

(krist-OH-bahl bah-len-see-AH-gah)

Claim to Fame: Founder of the Balenciaga fashion house, designed for Spanish royal family and aristocracy, inspired countless designers with his originality

Career High Points:

  • Had early boutiques in San Sebastian, Madrid, and Barcelona that catered to the royal family
  • Spanish Civil War forced him to move his production to Paris
  • Between 1950 and 1960, he completely transformed silhouette, inventing the tunic dress, the chemise dress, the Empire line, high-waisted dresses, and kimono-inspired cuts
  • One of the original masters of haute couture


Avoiding Summertime Sadness: Wardrobe Advice

by Jenna Calderone

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” Truly one of the wisest nuggets of back-handed fashion advice doled out by Karl Lagerfeld, this concept often becomes more important in the summer months as we seem to be more susceptible to confusing trends we will find foolish in later years. Here are some ways to ensure you have the chicest summer possible.


Basics will always be around, they will (usually) never be seasonal, and you will look stellar in them, because that is what they are meant for. My summer basics include a white tee (mine is from H&M, loose fitting and breezy), light wash denim boyfriend shorts, an acid-wash chambray A-line skirt (purchased at Nordstrom), an olive military-style jacket (purchased at The Gap), white canvas sneakers (mine are Converse, but any will do), and a neutral pair of sunglasses (I recommend the Erika by Ray-Ban). None of these things look bad on anyone. That is a statement of fact. Pair any of them with some color, interesting patterns, or cool silhouette, and you are in the money, my friend. (The Gap) (Rag & Bone) (Ray-Ban)

Stop Wearing Flower Crowns:

This is not 2011, you most likely are not in Indio, and you look slightly ridiculous. I’m not sure why “festival fashion” is so persistent this year, but it needs to go. In my humble opinion, a string bikini, layered with a crop top, paired with cutoffs, topped with strands of junk jewelry and highlighted by an obnoxious circle of gaudy, fake blooms is one of the most tired trends I can think of. Give it a rest, people! I firmly believe that there is a time and place for novelty accessories, and every day life is not included in either of those categories. 

Sorry, Vanessa Hudgens, but this is not working for me anymore. (

Shop Your Closet:

Buried beneath all of the fast fashion we college students are so inclined to purchase, you very likely have some amazing summer pieces that have fallen behind your shoe rack. Dig them out, try them on, and up-cycle them! Find your favorite old pieces and style them differently with new jewelry and accessories. 

Try to Invest:

This was my New Year’s Fashion Resolution, and so far, it has been working. Stop buying staple pieces at Forever 21 and H&M; the price is enticing, the clothing is cute, but everything falls apart after 4 or 5 washes. I’ve been shopping at The Gap, Anthropologie, Madewell, and J. Crew. Some of the items in these stores are wildly expensive, but their sales are usually to die for, and guess what?! The clothes will LAST. I am not condemning cheap, fast fashion, but stop wasting money on things like oxfords, jeans, and shoes at these places: they are not well made, and there is a lot more value in a product made with higher-quality materials. (Madewell)

Enjoy your summer, fashionistas!

Spring Trends!

This past weekend was a huge tease weather-wise.  On Saturday I was laying out in the hot sun and wearing shorts and this week there is a chance of snow?  I don’t know about all of y’all but I am ready for the warm weather to stay.   Spring is now upon us and despite the disappointing weather we still have something to look forward to!  Here are some spring trends to be on lookout for this season!


Easter colors are a huge DO this spring.  Wearing these light pastel colors will definitely show your springtime spirit.  Aim for light purples, greens, and pinks to softly brighten up your wardrobe!

High-waisted bikini bottoms

These bottoms are very popular this spring/summer.  May not be a huge fan of the tan lines but these bottoms are a perfect way to hug those curves in a flattering way while chillin’ by the pool.

Sexy cut-out one pieces

Too hot to handle! This trend is for those who are daring!  Watch out for the one-piece making a comeback with some sexy cut-outs to still show off that bod.

Black and white staples

Black and white will always be a staple in one’s closet.  These are, not surprisingly, definitely a must-have this spring.  And let’s be honest, these pieces will last you a long time because when is black and white ever not a thing? 


Geometric prints

These bold prints are one way to spice up your wardrobe this spring.  To contrast those soft pastel colors, add these bright colors and shapes to your outfit choices this spring. 

Crop tops

Anybody wanna hit the gym? Crop tops are here to stay this spring and summer which means I need to start working on my abs…  If you aren’t confident enough to show too much skin, try pairing a top with high-waisted shorts or a skirt!

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are a big trend this spring.  Try high-waisted jeans with a cute blouse on a cool spring day.  Got a job interview?  Try pairing a blazer with some wide-leg trousers and you’ll be sure to dress to impress!

Pictures retrieved from:„20720151_20749547_30042465,00.html!

Writer: Alex Simpson

What happens on Spring Break stays on Spring Break…

Unfortunately Spring Break has come to an end but hopefully all of y’all had a crazy time wherever you went.  I had the pleasure of traveling all the way to Panama City Beach and yes it was as ratchet as you see in the movies.  From hitting the beach during the day to going to see Lil’ Jon at Club La Vela, you know I saw some interesting people along the way.  I guess the main thing I learned in PCB is that really anything goes but I’ll let you be the judge on that one. Here are some of my most memorable encounters…

This is just a tiny smidge of the crowd on the beach.  If you didn’t pack your hat to wear backwards, your tank, or your fanny pack…did you even go to PCB for spring break?

Below is a snapchat I received that I think truly describes the essence of PCB.  This was a normal occurrence in the sea of people on the beach.  Its casual, really.  You won’t get any judgment from PCB.

Bright-colored underwear worn under see through tights… did none of her friends call her out on this?  Guess it’s NBD in PCB.  Also, excuse the poor quality of this photo but my flash and sound went off as I was taking it from 3 feet away.

Brace yourself for this next picture…. Speedos were actually not a rare thing at PCB.  I guess some guys just feel the need to show more skin…  These guys were for sure trying hard to attract attention.  Blue wigs at the beach are a thing right?

If you look very closely you will see an old man in all white suit…dancing by himself in the club.  He was having a good time preparing for Lil’ Jon I suppose.   It’s fine though because he really loved the attention and looked pretty good, am I right?  Also, wearing shades in the club are a definite DO.

And yes, I did see Lil’ Jon but unfortunately it was way too hype in there to capture a picture.

And last but not least, Luke Bryan also had the pleasure of being in my presence but appeared wearing a pair of cargo shorts.   Slightly disappointing but he still looked good so I’ll take it. 

Classroom Couture: A Showcase of Student Design



Blush Blossoms

Designed by Anna Argentine, a student in the College of Textile’s Fashion and Textile Design Program, this dress recalls a dog rose flower in its delicate pink hue and perfectly placed pistils.

Gown designed by Anna Argentine, Necklace and Hairpiece: Art of Style, Earrings and Shoes: Vintage




Ebony Aesthetics

This gown was designed and constructed by PackFashion’s own Michael Cottingham; it evokes dark romance in its layers of tulle and ethereal movement.

Gown designed by Michael Cottingham, Cuff and earrings: Art of Style, Shoes: Vintage




Pyramidal Proportions

Hand-painted by College of Textile’s Madison Farrior, these shirts were inspired by the pyramids of Egypt and their saturated colors and geometric patterns pop against a white-washed wall.

Shirt designed by Madison Farrior, Necklace and bracelet: Art of Style, Pants and Boots: Vintage




An avant-garde emerald felt mask constructed by student designer Madison Farrior evokes a verdant landscape with its folds, fluidity and gold leaf accents.

Photography: Tyler Hayes

Styling, Hair, and Makeup: Jenna Calderone and Taylor Grey

Retailers: Art of Style

Special thanks to the designers who lent their work. 

In case you missed London Fashion Week…

By Jenna Calderone

London Fashion Week was the shortest of the three this year (New York, London, and Milan) but still managed to give us some seriously fierce fashion in its five day run. Here are three of my favorite shows from the Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear shows.

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto has made a seriously great discount collection in collaboration with Target, and the ready-to-wear collection showed some similarities between the two. It was extremely visual, with loud prints, interesting textures, and contrasting elements all thrown into single looks. Heavily ribbed fabrics and mesh sweatshirts brought the nature-inspired prints to life, and my personal favorite details came in the asymmetrical hemlines and mother-of-pearl detailing in a few of the skirts. 


Burberry Prorsum

Burberry was by far my favorite collection of LFW. Glorious leather handbags were hand painted using chunky, casual strokes, and beautiful silhouettes were executed in flowy, gauzy fabrics. It’s hard for me to express how beautiful I find this collection in its perfect blend of contrasting aesthetics: fleece and cashmere throws draped over sheer chiffon, beautifully detailed silk scarves tucked into leather belts, fur and mohair coats layered over mesh. It was stunning, and I want it all. 



With a new creative director, Issa’s collection appeared to draw inspiration from a number of places: Chloé in saturated color blocked capes, Issey Miyake in its pleats, and even Diane von Furstenberg in its little black wrap dresses. Upon closer inspection, the attention to detail was both striking and whimsical in the form of rhinestone brooches, large bows, and scalloped seams and edges. 


Your New Favorite App: Vinted

In today’s age of smartphones and tablets, shopping doesn’t just take place in malls and boutiques anymore- expanding your closet is an anytime, anywhere deal, with nearly all the major stores offering their selection online, usually in better stock.  Still, it’s a well-known fact amongst college-aged fashionistas that chain retailers found in the mall are not the only sources for a well-stocked and stylish wardrobe.  Browsing thrift and consignment stores has proven more than just a one-in-a-million treasure hunt; it’s a great option for anyone who wants to refresh their style for less, especially with newer stores dedicated to stocking current styles in excellent quality. 

Mobile variations of this type off shopping can be harder to come by. But, if one is looking for the organization and specifiable style you get with major-brand websites, then they must get acquainted with the recent iPhone app, Vinted.     

Vinted is a simple, trendy virtual consignment shop in which users create a profile and post their second-hand clothing for sale- complete with photos and information about the garment, including its size, brand, color, and quality.  There’s even a “swap” option in which you can allow other users to offer up some of their own clothes to trade for yours. The users of the app are mostly of the high school and college demographics, and despite the general skepticism that one may have over the trendiness of second-hand clothes, I’ve found that many of these items are up to par with what you’d find at the more consistent retail stores like FiFi’s.   The best feature is probably the search engine: nearly anything you’re looking for, whether specified by style, color, or even brand, will have a match. Seriously, what’s better than an app that can pull up dozens of half-off Michael Kors handbags in five seconds? 

Fashion Forecast

Only 4 days left until spring break is here, but it certainly doesn’t feel like spring! Don’t switch to pastels and spring prints just yet, but start getting adapted to the new season through pops of color or wearing black with your florals. I’ll be heading to NYC for break, so I will have plenty of fashion inspiration to share with you guys when I come back!

XOXO Kat Campbell

Tuesday 3/4:
Highs in the upper 30s today, but much drier than monday. There may be some black ice on the roads so be careful if you’ll be driving to class. You’ll definitely want to bundle up today! Wear a bright colored sweater or button down, a black or grey peacoat, a hat, boots, and gloves. Also wear black pants or jeans.

Wednesday 3/5:
Mostly cloudy with a high of 47, which is still very chilly. Wear a black sweater and jacket, colored pants, boots, and statement jewelry to match your pants. Wear whatever shoes you have that go best with your style of colored pants so long as they are warm.

Thursday 3/6:
The rain returns today. It’s going to be windy with a cold rain and the day before break begins, so hang in there! High of 44. Wear rain boots, a rain coat, leggings, a grey coat, and bring an umbrella!

Friday 3/7:
A little more sun today and warmer to finish out our week and begin break. High of 56. Wear tights, boots, a dress, and a cardigan.

Happy Spring Break!

Darkest Desire



S: Bathing Suit- Art of Style, Fur- Vintage



S: Leather Jacket and Shorts- Bevello, Hoop Earrings and Leather Bandeau- Art of Style

Will: Sweater and Jeans- Art of Style, Ray Ban Sunglasses



S: Hand Jewelry and Palazzo Pants- Art of Style, Bra- J. Alanes



S: Bra- J. Alanes, asymmetrical Skirt- Bevello, Chain Necklace- Michael Cottingham Designs

Will: Button-down and Jeans- Art of Style



S: Bra, Panties, Vest, and Cuff- Art of Style

Will: Patagonia Short- Great Outdoor Provision Co., Boxer Briefs- Art of Style



S: Bra, Panties, Garters, and Robe- J. Alanes

Will: Patagonia Boxer Briefs- Great Outdoor Provision Co.



S: Bra- Art of Style, Necklace- Vintage

Will- Denim Jacket- Art of Style, briefs- Great Outdoor Provision Co.



S: Slip- J. Alanes, Bra, Panties, and Pearls- Art of Style



S: Bra and Booty Shorts- J. Alanes, Tiara- Vintage



S: Dress and Ear Cuff- Art of Style

Will: Suit and Bowtie- Brooks Brothers


Photography: Tyler Hayes

Models: S and Will Douglas

Styling: Michael Cottingham and Kendra Jones

Hair and Makeup: Caroline Sorenson

Retailers: Art of Style, Bevello, Great Outdoor Provision Co., J. Alanes [All located in Cameron Village]

Scenery Provided by HUE Apartments in downtown Raleigh

Go Red for Heart Disease

The color red is obviously a big deal here at N.C. State. But, the bold color doesn’t just stand for the Wolfpack.  Red is also the nationally recognized color symbolizing Heart Disease and awareness for Heart Disease, which is the number one killer of women in the US. As of 2002, the iconic red dress is recognized as the national symbol for heart disease awareness in women. This year, New York Fashion Week took advantage of this symbol and kicked off the first day with a fashion show dedicated to Heart Disease awareness month.  “The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection” was presented by the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.  According to these organizations, the red dress reminds women to take action to protect their heart health and increase awareness of this disease.  

Annasophia Robb;      Victoria Justice;       Lindsey Vonn

This event was a fun way to spread awareness and models, celebrities, and athletes all participated in the show.  Famous designer dresses were debuted in this collection, including pieces by Donna Karen and Dolce and Gabbana.  The models danced down the runway throwing up the heart symbol and showing off their red hot ensembles, making for an entertaining event.  Olympic champion ski racer, Lindsey Vonn, even made her way down the runway in crutches, showing off a short and hot Cynthia Rowley dress.  Actress Victoria Justice also made an appearance in a beautiful piece by Oscar de la Renta.  Annasophia Robb rocked a strapless red and black lace gown by Alice and Olivia.  Styles ranged from classy gowns, jumpsuits, and short and fun dresses to leather skirts and even a comfortable maternity dress.  

Many of the participants in this event also had personal relations to this disease.  For example, Anika Noni Rose, a singer and actress, claimed that she was honored to take part in this show because of a friend’s mother who died from heart disease.  Quotes from the models about why they “go red” were also displayed in the background of the runway.  As Bella Thorne walked the runway, it stated “I go red for both of my grandfathers who passed away from heart disease.”  Whether they had personal relations with the disease or not, the models and celebs were all excited to help spread awareness of this disease.  Not only was this runway show a great way to debut the Heart Truth Fall 2014 collection, but it also encouraged women everywhere to take action to protect their heart health.  

Writer: Alex Simpson


Public School: The Buzzworthy Boys of Fashion Week

Public School, the brainchild of designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, has returned with a vengeance. After a four season hiatus, the boys of Public School are back and ready to play. 

With the help of their $300,000 dollar winnings from the 2013 CFDA Fashion fund, Public School has created what could be their best collection yet. Chow and Osbourne name New York City as their muse, and it shows in the tailored street-style of their Fall 2014 collection.  The palette for the collection is white, black, and gray, with pops of navy and oxblood.  The looks are wonderfully textured featuring rich fabrics like leather, wool, tweed, lustrous silk, and knits. 

Tailoring was key for Public School’s Fall 2014 collection. Each look was comprised of multiple layering pieces, but never appeared bulky or heavy, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.  Models were frequently seen wearing wide brimmed black hats or thick beanies and black or oxblood sneakers with their looks. Standouts from the collection include mixed leather and wool jackets, gorgeous capes in black, oxblood, and gray tweed, and pants in ombre style hound’s-tooth.  The outerwear was a real knockout.

Suits from the collection gave a modern spin on men’s suits. The suits’ loose fitting pants and hidden buttons felt like a breath of fresh air, effectively taking away the stuffiness of a traditional suit. But, the beautiful fabrics are what gave them the ‘wow’ factor. One of the final suits to walk down the runway was made of a gorgeous, almost metallic silk in a deep charcoal gray, a piece sure to make any man turn heads. 

The collection is primarily menswear but the girls looked impeccably cool as well.  One of my favorite looks from the collection featured an oversized textured black sweater with a long white button up layered underneath and a MAGNIFICIENT oxblood cape, complete with black leather trim and silver buttons. I’m coveting the oversized cream sweater and just about every coat, jacket, and cape from the collection.

The duo behind Public School took New York City street style to new heights for Fall 2014.  With bookoos of industry big names like Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Andrew Rosen, and Alexander Wang president Rodrigo Bazan anxiously awaiting the premier of their collection, the boys failed to disappoint.  Public School’s Fall 2014 collection was met with applause and endless praise. Industry leaders knew there was something special about Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne, and they were right. These boys and their aesthetic are only cool enough for Public School. 

 Julianne Dubel

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week began on February 6. So far, the looks have been stellar and there’s so much more to come. Here are some of the knockouts so far:

Alexander Wang

Wang has been on my personal radar for the past year, really proving himself with his Spring/Summer 2014 collection of logo-heavy, street-style inspired, mid-riff baring looks he put on the runway back in September (his name laser-cut into leather gloves? Genius…). He delivered with Day-Glo leather, wading boots with the back cut off (a powerful effect with a feminine twist) and angular silhouettes that fit the futuristic setting in the Brooklyn shipyard where he chose to hold the show. 



Prabal Gurung

Streaker notwithstanding, Prabal Gurung’s show was stunning.  Inspired by a trip to Nepal, Gurung stuck to sportswear, sending thick knits and cable sweaters down the runway alongside elegant pashminas, soft silk pantsuits, and gorgeously draped asymmetrical gowns layered atop chiffon turtlenecks. The effect was busy in pattern, yet serene in fabric choice: a perfect juxtaposition. 


Christian Siriano

As a winner of the show that greatly swayed my choice of major, Mr. Siriano has always occupied a special spot in my heart.  His collection exuded old-time couture, with wide cowls, over-sized trenches, and beautifully elegant hats fit for any proper lady. His use of pattern and texture in eyelet tops, alpaca coats with rounded shoulders, and a particularly show-stopping organza cape littered with long white feathers added interest to tea-length skirts and sweeping eveningwear. While he might have stayed on the safe side, Siriano’s collection was fantastically beautiful and showcased his impeccable eye for couture.

Diane Von Furstenberg 

The queen of the working woman’s 40th anniversary show was nothing short of a humble celebration of herself. She invented and pioneered the wrap dress, and her show was full of them. In fact, the show ended with a flurry of golden wrap dresses, each slightly different from the one before it and equally as beautiful. Overall, the palette of the collection was varied but cohesive, with a boho and psychedelic vibe accented with fur, suede, and burnout details. Madame von Furstenberg turned out a sophisticated collection full of trendy pieces and beautiful patterns. All hail the queen.


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