BOSS by Jason Wu

By Eleanor Yeh

When Jason Wu took over two seasons ago, we didn’t know what to expect. Something new? The same old? We weren’t sure. With the Spring 2015 RTW collection, Jason Wu has told us it’s going to be a little bit of both. Let’s take a look.


He starts us out by presenting structured looks with the perfect tailoring we have always expected from Boss. We see the work dress silhouette with geometric inserts and you can’t have a Boss collection without a dress shirt. Jason Wu has thrown in a little flair of his own with the shimmering evening skirt and collar detail which adds a touch of femininity to the classic piece.

His spring color scheme is full of light, airy pastel colors but mostly neutral blends. Here we see a monochromatic palette with the business dress and the sharp pantsuit. And we all know what really solidifies a good collection is a tailored and modern pantsuit.

Wu is highly skilled at subtly mixing medias. He takes the structured looks another level higher with even boxier silhouettes and different fabrics. Second, he pulled together fall and summer with inserts of the wintry herringbone pattern to the structured dress form. Next spring, these looks will be worn all around the world for a day at work or a fabulous business meeting. Third, don’t even get me started on the accessories. Pairing subtle greek sandals with a modern silhouette? Genius. And of course, Wu could have nothing less than the crisp, structured clutch.

As if his beginning runway looks weren’t already incredible, Jason Wu showed his hand in the evening pieces. “It’s Tron-esque,” Wu told Vogue, “but made so beautifully inside and out.” Of course, the reflective beads and embroidered could not be described any other way. With these flowing skirts on defined silhouettes, you have to hand it to Wu – he definitely took BOSS in a new, effortless direction.

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes: A British Jungle Rave?

By: Taylor Grey

Sophia Webster’s “Jungle Is Massive” collection at London Fashion Week had on lookers feeling like they were in the middle of a jungle rave…at 10 am. However, an early rave is just what the fashion crowd is up for and they found it at The Vaults under Waterloo in London. The walls were completely covered in graffiti with arrows directing you to “the jungle” where overwhelming jungle music and vibrant colors were waiting.

Geometric shapes, animal prints, and vibrant colors covered the room in the form of sandals, heels, and boots. Camouflage and floral prints also occupied the space as well as one very elaborate pair of white bondage boots.

Models looked one with the jungle with white face paint, dark eye make up, and dreaded hair. Their bright colored hair, floral headpieces and neon make up accents made the rave theme all the more applicable.

While Sophia Webster may not be a name everyone in the states recognizes quite yet, it seems Britain is well aware of Webster and her outrageously fabulous designs. Before debuting her first collection at the Spring/Summer ’13 Fashion Week, Webster served as the design assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood. Also prior to her debut, she was awarded the Condé Nast Footwear Emerging Designer of the Year in 2012. Webster has also been awarded the very prestigious New Gen Award for her first three seasons by the British Fashion Council.

If you weren’t able to make it Webster’s show at the SS ’15 London Fashion Week (and if you did go…can we be friends?) then you can catch a glimpse of it through the video displayed on the main page of Webster’s website. Also, go look at all of her awesome shoes while you just happened to be on the site!

I’ve personally never felt the urge to wear jungle rave inspired shoes upon my feet but now I just might have to. Take a look…

The Asylum

By: Elizabeth Galanti

                Coming from years of experience working in the fashion industry, Simon Doonan has witnessed countless examples of the insanity that makes up the fashion world. In The Asylum, Doonan boldly compares a mental asylum to the fashion industry, which he refers to as “a place where unemployable crazy people are always welcome”. While this observation may seem far-fetched, Doonan provides readers with countless examples of designers going to ridiculous lengths in the name of fashion.


            The Asylum consists of several memorable anecdotes from Doonan’s life in the world of fashion. From falling ceilings to runaway goats, Doonan recounts tales from perhaps some of the most bizarre fashion shows ever observed. He comically speaks of the most notable people and trends in the fashion industry, my favorite being Vogue’s editor and chief, Anna Wintour. Doonan speaks of Wintour as a god-like figure in the fashion world, whom he simultaneously fears and deeply admires. He confesses to having nightmares that involve disapproval from Ms. Wintour herself. For readers who may have never heard of Anna Wintour, Doonan describes her fabulous journey to the top and gives an authentic description of her that in many ways contradicts her notorious reputation as an “ice queen”.

            Doonan wittingly notes the most absurd notions in the industry, for instance, the idea that to obtain a “chic” look, one must develop an unkind stance to accompany a stylish ensemble. This unfriendly disposition should only be an act in the name of fashion, he notes. Doonan advises readers to “stay wicked on the outside and cozy on the inside.” He comically recounts odd experiences with “young and stupid” fashion models, but acknowledges the unperceivably high pedestal we put them on. Doonan does not criticize his peers for their nonsensical beliefs, but rather delights in sharing the lack of logic behind them.

            Without losing his wit, Doonan goes on to give profound advice to young people with dreams of entering the fashion industry. He urges those with a drive for success to not miss out on the exploration period of their 20’s, and assures them that there will always be countless opportunities in the industry if one is willing to seize them. Dubbing himself as the “dream crusher”, Doonan blames the hit television show Project Runway for the number of young people who expect instant success as major designers. Without sugar-coating anything, he works to guide them in a more realistic direction.

            I would recommend reading The Asylum only if you have general knowledge of central figures and happenings in the fashion industry. The stories narrated by Doonan won’t be nearly as entertaining if you have no idea who he is referring to. For those of you who have brushed up on your fashion trivia, Doonan will take you on a comical journey into the insane world that is fashion. Yes, perplexing things happen here, but the author doesn’t fail to mention the incredible artistry and innovation that make the industry such a remarkable place. Doonan’s clever writing style and wonderfully outrageous experiences make for a truly amusing read. Lovers of fashion, you may now enter The Asylum. 


Balenciaga Vs. Nicolas Ghesquiere

By: Jessica Henry

            The latest in fashion industry drama falls with the lawsuit filed by Balenciaga against their former creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière.  The company claims that Ghesquière violated his contract by speaking ill of the company to press. During his 15-year stay with the company, Ghesquière agreed to a contract that requested he refrain from “declarations that could hurt the image of Balenciaga”. However, in an interview with System Magazine back in April 2013, he makes several unflattering statements about his former employer.

            Balenciaga, a fashion house headquartered in Paris, France is known for it’s avant-garde pieces and unapologetic innovation. However, during the interview Ghesquière accuses the brand of leaving behind it’s fashion-centered goals in favor of stop-at-nothing branding, claiming “ …it started becoming a bureaucracy and gradually became more corporate, until it was no longer even linked to fashion.” He also claimed that the company “sucked him dry” of his creative identity.

            Despite the existence of freedom of speech, companies maintain the right to press charges against current and former employees who agree not to publicly tarnish the brand name. Understandably, the label does not approve of the statements made by Ghesquière and wants to rectify the negative PR. It is said that Balenciaga had sued the designer for $9.2m in damages.

            As of August 2014, the case was said to have moved from the courtroom, opting to attempt mediation instead. However, according to statements made by an associate lawyer for Balenciaga, this does not change the initial claims made by Balenciaga. Ghesquière, who is now the creative director for Louis Vuitton, is using the defense that he was speaking in reference to the fashion industry in general and did not intend to personally attack the French fashion house. In addition, he argues that there is no proof that his statement has substantially hurt Balenciaga in any way. 

5 Menswear Trends For Fall

By: Matthew Iezzi

Black Cropped Pants

As cold weather approaches, cloudy cold days summon darker shades.  At London Fashion Week, the trend in bottoms seemed to hone in on a tailored pair of cropped black pants, with a suit-like sheen.  The conglomerate Zarahas been including this trend in their past fall look book collections, usually pairing the pants with a darker blazer, and lighter colored t-shirt. If you are wondering what footwear fits with this look, it is best to pair these with a nice pair of trainers, or darker colored moccasins.



Though usually seen as a warm weather item, moccasins are commonly being paired with suits and more elevated outfits. The breathability of moccasins is ideal when the weather outside has yet to reach winter status. If you’re looking to pair moccasins in a business setting, look for a well-made pair of leather, with silver and gold added accents.


Patterned Trousers

Patterned trousers also showed up at London Fashion week, predominantly of the floral and spotted nature, however most come with low opacity to avoid becoming overbearing.  The trousers are commonly seen with a solid colored blazer, or matching patterned blazer. These trousers aren’t suitable for a day at work, but for a nice night on the town they seem fitting.  Most are cropped right above the ankle, showing off a small amount of skin, and alluding to the Italian custom suit fit.



There seems to be continuously growing options for men to carry around their daily essentials. In the summertime, you can get away with carrying a tote bag or backpack in your daily routine, but in the fall it isn’t so easy.  Investing in a nice briefcase is in turn the best investment a man will make, and it will last them longer than they can imagine.  An iconic leather briefcase can greatly compliment your work suit, along with the aging that occurs through your own experience gives the accessory a more rugged and masculine appeal. Make sure to find a genuine leather case, synthetic leather is not only lower quality but is easy to spot.


Blazers & Shorts

Are you eager to get into the full suit weather, but it’s still too warm outside? This coming fall pair that blazer of yours with low-cut shorts.  Be careful when choosing your shorts, they should essentially be suit pants that have been chopped off above the knee into shorts to match your top.  Shoe-wise you can choose a pair of oxfords, but be mindful seeing how oxfords aren’t the most comfortable when paired with no-show socks.


Throwback Trainers

Dutch brand Patta has recently went back in time with the Italian Diadora, and proudly boast the new N9000 Collaboration.  Diadora is a well-renowned Italian sportswear brand that was worn by Olympians and Italians alike, in the 1980’s era. The company used an older model Diadora shoe, adding a new color way with pigskin suede and fine Italian leather. The release is accentuated with red, white, and green accents to honor the company’s Italian heritage. You can pick up these exclusive sneakers in store at Patta on September 20th, . They will set you back around 170 USD a pair.



How To Look Fabulous on Rainy Days


“What to wear with a cloud? All shades of gray go best with clouds.  I would not wear black-and-white.  Silver would be great too, or an elegant pink.  But no gold—too shiny. “ –Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel

           Whenever you look at the day’s forecast and see rain, you probably let out a sigh.  Rain means you have to cover up your fabulous outfit (that probably took you a solid 15 minutes to pick out last night) with a stupid raincoat.  Oh and those fabulous short suede boots you were so excited to wear? Nope, they’ll be ruined if you set foot outside in them.  And not to mention the fact you’ll see about 200 different girls walking around in their sorority’s long sleeve shirts, leggings, and those weird LL Bean boots that probably make you feel sick the rest of the day just from the site of them all.  So how can you make the best of a rainy day? In fact, these "dreary" days can actually be fabulous, so read on.

 STEP 1:

Get a killer pair of rain boots.  Nothing makes rainy days more exciting than knowing you get to showcase your Burberry rain boots to the world.  Try some of the ones below and you’ll really start getting excited for approaching cold fronts.


 (Henri Bendel)

 And for those that are a bit more eclectic, try these out with some funky socks underneath:

 STEP 2:


Use the rain as an excuse to be comfortable (for once).  The humidity is going to mess up your hair inevitably so go ahead and wear a bun or a hat. Wear a big cozy sweater.  Accessorize in a new way with your boots and umbrella—give your statement jewelry a rest.  Lazy rainy day outfits can actually be cute.

 STEP 3:


Get a cute umbrella.  With so many cute ones available, they have become the latest must-have accessory.  Chanel’s $800+ umbrella (that’s not even waterproof…) and Louis Vuitton’s umbrella launch prove they have become quite the fashion accessory (and necessity).  Strolling down the sidewalk with an umbrella held high over your head has a chic air to it anyways (just pretend you’re in London).

 (American Apparel)


 (Alexander McQueen)

That being said, take a new outlook on tomorrow and have a fabulous week.


Meteorologist Kat Campbell

Thom Browne the Incomparable

By: Jennifer Roth

In 2013, Thom Browne’s tailored male silhouettes alongside his elegant styles for women won him the Pratt Fashion Visionary Award, as well as the Menswear Designer of the Year Award. Although he is now highly decorated and celebrated (more awards include Designer of the Year by GQ Mag and Most Influential Designer in Men’s Fashion), the road to success was almost as swift as a strut down the runway. Browne first started as a Giorgio Armani salesman, but was soon hired by Polo Ralph Lauren to be a member of Club Monaco’s design team.

His made-to-measure store opened up in New York in 2003, which shot him straight to New York Fashion Week in 2004. Browne’s iconic visions for men were brought to life through collaboration with Brooks Brothers called ‘Black Fleece’ in 2007. The collection featured classic fit blazers and sweaters, but with a Browne twist of  fearlessly loud patterns and rich colors. The styles exude fashion forward trends while keeping the classic all American style. 


4 years after his Brooks Brothers debut, Thom Browne introduced his Women’s Spring/Summer 2011 Ready-To-Wear Collection to the world. He defiantly carried the theme of tailoring over to his women’s collection; it includes straight-lined skirts layered under the all American classic blazer. Browne’s collection for women overall goes hand in hand with his men’s styles, both emit ivy status as they walk down the runway thanks to endless plaids and pleats. The patterns of his designs take center stage- he loves to include nautical stripes, patriotic combinations of red white and blue, as well as feminine bow details. The 2011 debut of his first ever women’s collection was so talked about that Michelle Obama requested for him to design a custom jacket for her husband’s second inauguration. 


Thom Browne’s contemporary twists and skilled tailoring on the timeless classics for both sexes have proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. 

NYFW: Celebrity Style Report

By: Eryn Feeney

Yet another Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has come and gone. Twice a year, NYFW graces us with pure artistry and innovation from the world’s most influential fashion leaders. All due respect given to the designers that revealed breathtaking pieces (I mean just look at DELPOZO Spring/Summer 2015), but it’s time to get real and focus our attention to the show stoppers that were presented, not by the models on the runway, but by the celebrities in the front row.

Source: Leandro Justen

Fashion’s It girl Alexa Chung achieved the perfect balance of girly and grunge at Marc by Marc Jacob’s Spring/Summer 2015 presentation. The British model, author, TV personality, and editor means business in her button up blouse and Marc vinyl midi. While the delicate polka dots and soft pink skirt give the look the touch of femininity Chung’s known for, the chocker-esque necklace and lace-up heels are a nod to the fashionista’s typical punk-inspired street wear.

Source: Getty Images

Continuing the pattern of lace-up heels, Rhianna resembled that of a cherub at Adam Selman’s collection presentation. The always stunning Barbadian singer made her Friday appearance in a white baby doll dress with ruffle detailing around the hemline. Rhianna paired the flirty ensemble with multiple rings and a long, chunky pearl necklace. While I don’t know what’s going on with her hair, why question something that looks both effortless and flawless? Personally, I’ve never respected the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule, and this outfit is yet another strong reason why.

Source: Getty Images

If you’ve been wondering why Miley Cyrus’ Instagram feed looks like a crafty kindergartner’s dream world, you finally have your answers! The queen of controversy debuted her new collaboration jewelry line, Dirty Hippie, at designer Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week show. In addition to showing off her quirky creations, Cyrus yet again pushed fashion boundaries in a sherbet-colored sports bra, patterned joggers, and yellow and black heels that looked like the love child of Adidas and Christian Louboutin. Although this look may not be considered as what’s “in” currently, I believe Miley’s a representation of what style should be-a form of fearless self-expression

Source: Getty Images

Once again, NYFW served as a reminder that Heidi Klum, who is, ahem, 41, still has an impeccable taste-and body for that matter. The German model and TV show host stunned in a fuchsia Julien Macdonald mini-dress at the Project Runway Season 13 finale presentation. She paired the mesmerizing number with simple accessories and footwear, as it would have been a sin to draw attention away from the detailed lacy design of the dress. It’s hard to remember that this fashion aficionado is also the mother of four children when she continues to strut her stuff both on and off the runway! Forget any previous aspirations, I just want to be Heidi Klum when I grow up.

Somebody to Love

By: Elizabeth Galanti


            Miu Miu has teamed up with notable artist Miranda July to produce an innovative new app, Somebody, which follows perhaps the number one rule in fashion: expect the unexpected. Somebody brings verbal interaction to text messaging by allowing strangers to deliver messages to friends of a Somebody user. The app uses cellular GPS to locate users that are in close proximity to the potential recipient of a message. The sender has the opportunity to include instructions regarding how the message should be delivered. For instance, you could instruct the messenger to hug or fist bump the recipient, or even to cry whilst reciting the message. The user receiving the message can then choose to rate the performance of the messenger, whose overall rating will appear on their profile. 

Warning: this app may not be universally user-friendly. Creating a Somebody account makes you a potential candidate for delivering messages to total strangers without any context. You must also track them down using nothing but the photo they set as their profile picture. Still interested? While the idea behind the app is certainly inventive, the execution may not be perfect just yet. Many users report consistent glitches in the app, which will hopefully be fixed when the next update is released.

 Personally, I am captivated by Somebody. Perhaps it is farfetched to predict that the app will alter the way we communicate, but it may just make our days a bit brighter. I could easily envision this app becoming popular on a highly populated campus such as NC State, but I predict it may take some time to gain momentum, as the sender, messenger, and recipient must have Somebody accounts. To better understand the objective of the app, watch Miranda July’s wonderfully produced short film at  The film includes eccentric examples of Somebody experiences, and of course, many of the actors are attired in Miu Miu fashions.

It is now up to you to download this quirky app and persuade your friends to do the same. Consider this: How often do you get the chance to proclaim your love to someone you’ve never met?  My advice? Give Somebody a chance! 

Men’s Tailored Comfort

By: Taylor Grey

The “Athleisure” trend is the hottest thing in the fashion industry and so far women have been the only people to benefit from the apparel products that appropriately take you from the gym-to work-to dinner-and drinks. Well good news gentleman, your time for tailored comfort, on the go has arrived.

Sweat Tailor, a start up company by entrepreneurs Aaron Hoffman and Benjy Smith, offers a line of pants that take you from work, to the driving range, and to dinner with the comfort of a pair of sweatpants. These tailored jeans are made from a custom French Terry blend and are made with the young business professional in mind. The start up was funded by the growingly popular site Kickstarter and is now selling the product on Kickstarter as well. You can see their story and the versatile pants on Kickstarter now.

To see the innovative design in action check out the Kickstsrter video on our homepage.


Want a recognizable brand name that is a little more convenient to get your hands on guys?

Presenting…Nike Dri-FIT French Terry Sweatpants for a great price of $65 on These all occasion socially acceptable pant has a classic rise, black stripe down the side with a tapered ankle. This pant is more sophisticated than your average sweat pant and could take you from the gym to lunch in a split second. 


Need a shirt to go with those pants? No problem.

Under Armour has a great ‘athleisure’ product, the ‘Tech’ Quarter Zip Pullover also at Nordstrom for just $39.99. The heather patterned pullover has a slimmer athletic cut that gets rid of extra bulky fabric and is available is several colors including:  academy solid/steel, black twist/graphite, black/white, and many more options to match your existing wardrobe. Slip this on and add a sporty watch to complete the look.

This just goes to prove that style and comfort can be achieved with tailored sportswear.


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