About Us

Pack Fashion is the first and only website dedicated to fashion at NCSU and the greater Raleigh Area. Run by students in the College of Textiles(mostly), we work as a 24/7 fashion blog featuring the best street fashion seen all over the triangle. Pack Fashion is the sentinel of all things fashion from Paris, to New York, all the way back home to the brickyard. We cover all shows, all news, all the time. Our mission is to expose the Wolfpack to the hidden fashion among us, and to keep the community up to date on the latest trends, news, and information.

About COT:
With over 110 years of teaching, research, and extension, the College of Textiles has proven to be the leading textile college in the world. 

Vision Statement

The global leader in textile innovation: education, research, and service.

Mission Statement

Through innovative educational practices and multi-disciplinary research activities, we provide visionary leadership and collaborative services to the university, State and global communities.

Our Parent Organization: Fashion Group

Open to all students interested in Fashion. Meetings will be held every two weeks throughout the academic year. The group participates in fund-raisers, meetings with guest speakers, and fashion shows within the College of Textiles.