Year after year juniors in the product development program make the conscious decision to sign up for senior studio. With that, they are making the most vulnerable choice any sartorialist can make. To not only express themselves, but to reveal it to the world for all to judge. What is typically already an emotional time becomes even more so due to the fact that threads almost didn’t happen. With budget cuts and the schools choice to focus on fashion week, they decided not to fund a senior showcase, making NCSU the only fashion school to not boast the work of their most dedicated students. In outrage and shock, students Emily Power and Kirsten McFarlen rushed to the rescue. These two women took charge, raised money, organized designers and volunteers, broadcast and planned what turned out to be a fantastic show. Knowing both them personally and both being on the PF team I was especially proud.Threads was professional, chic, and provocative, as fashion should be. Here are the pictures from the event- credit to J Clark, his shots are way better than ours. To read my full review, click here.