Letter from the Editor: See you Next Year

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at our after party last week, we had a blast. Such an honor to give out the very first “Style Icon” and “One to Watch” awards to Joelle and Audrey. This has been such a whirlwind  year! 20,000 page views, 18 person staff, and we are connecting with so many great people. Unfortunately finals are among us all, so I’m giving the team a break to study and relax but don’t you fear… Pack Fashion will be back in full swing by the time you move back in next semester I promise! And keep checking over the summer because we’ll have some fashion news for you then as well.
        We love to hear from you guys so anything you liked or didn’t like or want to see more or less of just us know! Send an email to packfashion@gmail.com. We are YOUR connection to the fashion world. Anything you want to know about fashion at NCSU, in Raleigh or around the world we do our best to connect you to it.Tell all your friends to check us out because we are planning for next year to be HUGE. Like us facebook, Follow us on twitter and pinterest and go check out some of our old issues. Thanks again for all the support and we’ll see you next year. Go Wolfpack!
-Jefferson Ellison

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