FAE Fashion For Justice

FAE Charity Fashion Show

I had the pleasure of attending the first show of what we at Pack Fashion are calling, NC State fashion mania. Within the next few weeks there are going to be shows, upon shows, upon shows and of course, we will be covering all of them… it’s what we do. So first up, the ladies of FAE.

Females Achieving Excellence (FAE) is an interest group to help start the first ever Asian-interest Sorority at NC State! They are a group of leaders paving the way for diversity in NCSU’s Greek system. With their determination, they want to unify the Asian society on campus by spreading love and friendship, promoting academia, and serving the community. Not only do they want the Asian-American students of this campus to be aware of each other, but they also welcome all different races! So progressive!

This group of ladies took on the task of putting on a fashion show for benefit, and I must say they did a wonderful job. The two-story fashion show was equipped with the lighting, run way, and seating of a proper fashion show and the clothes were “tres chic”. The show featured looks form “Art of Style” “Bevello” “Flaunt” “Cache” and “VIP Formal Wear”. It also featured student models “werking” from the top floor to the bottom. As far as the looks go, I thought they were perfect for the cause. The pieces were styled realistically and very wearable, fitting the needs of the average wolfpack man and woman. Truth be told, if I had more time I would have tried to snag a few pieces for the Pack Fashion closet… but I digress.

I’d like to thank the ladies of FAE for treating me with such hospitality. I had a reserved seat on the top floor and received numerous compliments on my choice of attire, such sweet ladies. The sister of FAE raised a lot of money for NAPAWF - a philanthropic group focusing on minority outreach and I can’t wait for the next show! See you soon wolfpack.

-Jefferson Ellison

If you’d like to get in contact with the girls from FAE to find out more about their mission contact their founders.

Co-Founder/President: Janet Nguyen - jhnguyen@ncsu.edu

Co-Founder/Vice President: Misha Tobar - mptobar@ncsu.edu

The full show will be up soon but until then….